It is a common misconception that modern colour through renders are maintenance free or need to be painted if they have not been properly maintained. Although you can paint renders such as K-Rend or Monocouche should you wish to change the colour, it is not necessary to do so if it is dirty or colonised by red or green algae.

Soft washing was developed to deal with the problem of how to clean these often soft rendered surfaces. Through careful application of the softwash chemical at low pressure great results can be achieved and 9 times out of 10 your render will look brand new. So how do you clean the render?

Render cleaning is undertaken using low pressure pumps and specially adapted poles, brushes and spray heads. In many instances the render is first pre-wet before the application of chemical. This helps prevent the chemical evaporating from the surface to quickly, especially on warm sunny days. It also prevents over saturation of the render, the chemical gets where it needs to be in the right amount and concentration.

The softwash solution is then sprayed or brushed (brushing helps break the biofilm) on to the surface and the cleaning process begins. In some instances the wall may only require one application of the softwash chemical, but this is dependent on the level of contamination and the types of biological matter that is present. Once we have achieved the required level of cleanliness, the rendered wall is thoroughly rinsed with fresh water to flush away all contaminant matter and any remaining chemical.The render will now dry and return to its original installation colour, its surface and substrate are now sterilised and will take sometime to re-colonise.

Now what? We recommend that your render is treated on a regular 18 -24 month cycle with our specialist biocide treatment. This will prevent the return of the unsightly red and green algae staining and keep your render looking like new. Book your service today