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Say goodbye to red stains and streaks on your Waterford render – my service will leave it looking brand new!

Are you tired of tediously trying to clean the red stains on your render? My Waterford render cleaning service is here to help! I use advanced cleaning techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to effectively remove dirt, grime, and stains from your render, leaving it looking brand new!

Render Wall Cleaning Services

Make your Waterford walls sparkle

Softwash Cleaning

450 from
  • Full removal of red/black algae staining
  • Window sill & reveals cleaned
  • Full low pressure rinse
  • Chemical Treatment
  • Windows cleaned with Pure Water
  • Surrounding paving treated & rinsed

**No VAT to be added to pricing

The team at Mr Kerb Appeal have 15 years exterior cleaning experience and specialise in Waterford render cleaning. We are experts in making the exterior of your home sparkle.

We use professional machinery, chemicals and van mounted supply systems to ensure that your render coated walling not only looks great but are also protected from discolouration all year round.

Maintaining your colour through or painted render is essential to ensure your home remains in the best condition possible. This is especially true during the winter months when moss, lichens and algae can grow on the walls very quickly due to our wet and warm climate. A regular softwash chemical treatment reduces the damage cause by moss, algae and frost. A render wall coating that is heavily infested with moss may suffer from cracking due to the moss freezing and expanding during the winter months, cleaning prevents this and extends the life of your exterior coatings.

Reasons To Use Mr Kerb Appeal

  • 15 Years Exterior Cleaning Experience
  • Uniformed Operatives
  • Professional Equipment Used

  • Fully Insured & Trained

  • Flexible Scheduling & Appointments

  • Easy Payment Solutions

  • Flexible Service Packages

  • We Bring Our Own Kettle!

What are the benefits of softwash render cleaning?

  • Elimination of moss, lichen & red algae spores

  • Restoration of your property’s render to (like new condition) 

  • Prevent damage & deterioration to the render coating due to unsightly biological growth

  • Allows the render to breath & reduce water logging of the substrate

  • Reduce the risk of potential damp damage

  • Safe low pressure removal of unsightly staining & biological growth

  • Greatly increase the lifespan of the buildings protective render coating

Really Make Your Waterford Homes Exterior Sparkle!

Have you just moved in to a new Waterford home and the outside of your house is looking a bit lack luster? Or maybe the house has just been neglected a wee bit over the last year and the exterior is green and grimy?

We like to try and keep things a simple as possible, it helps to be able to see what things might cost before you call. With that in mind we have created some great all-in-one power washing cleaning packages. All can be adjusted and made bespoke to your home and garden.

Our “Extreme Clean” & “Full Monty” packages are great for just getting thing done, your homes exterior will never have been so clean! You’ll be astounded with the results that can be achieved, your home will sparkle.

With both packages the gutters will be vacuumed free of moss and leaves. Your uPVC fascia and soffits will be brushed clean using specialist cleaning poles. Power washing the driveway and patio will give them new life. And the “Full Monty” package adds an exterior render sofwash clean. Over time modern render can become a red colour as trentapholia algae grows on its surface. Our softwash method will kill the algae and restore the walls.

Extreme Clean

  • Gutters Cleaned
  • Patio & Driveway Power Washed
  • Fascia & Soffits Cleaned
  • Windows Cleaned with Pure Water
  • Window Sills Cleaned

Full Monty Sparkle

  • *Full Exterior Render Clean*
  • Patio & Driveway Power Washed
  • Fascia & Soffits Cleaned
  • Windows Cleaned with Pure Water
  • Window Sills Cleaned
  • Gutters Cleaned

Frequently Asked Questions

What is render cleaning?

Render cleaning is the process of removing dirt, stains, and other contaminants from the exterior walls of a building. It is typically done to improve the appearance of the building and to protect the render from further damage.

How often should I have my render cleaned?

The frequency of render cleaning will depend on the location of the building, the type of render, and the level of exposure to the elements. In general, it is recommended to clean render at least every few years to prevent the build-up of dirt and stains.

What type of contaminants can be removed through render cleaning?

Render cleaning can remove a variety of contaminants including dirt, dust, bird droppings, mold, and algae.

How is render cleaning typically performed?

Render cleaning can be done using a variety of methods but most commonly by soft washing, and the use of specialised cleaning products. The method used will depend on the type of render and the severity of the contamination.

Is render cleaning safe for the building?

Render cleaning is generally safe for the building, as long as it is performed by a professional who follows proper safety protocols. It is important to use the appropriate cleaning methods and products to avoid damaging the render.

Will render cleaning restore the original colour of the render?

Render cleaning can often remove stains and dirt that have discolored the render, but it may not be able to fully restore the original color. If the render has been severely discolored, it may be necessary to paint or re-render the building.

Is render cleaning expensive?

The cost of render cleaning will depend on the size of the building, the type of render, and the severity of the contamination. In general, render cleaning is less expensive than other types of building restoration work such as painting.

How we restore your Waterford render by softwashing

  • The first step in the cleaning process is to identify the type and severity of the biological contaminant present on the render. Moss, algae and lichens can all be treated effectively by softwashing. 

  • The second step is to asses which application method of cleaning is best suited to the type of substrate (rough/smooth) and the level of contaminant

  • Now that the render has been fully assessed, the cleaning area is made safe to prevent accidental access by the public and all items such as bins, pots, chairs etc are removed from the walls to a safe area.

  • The most common way we apply the cleaning solution is by a specialised pole and brush system. This is fed by a quiet 12v electric van mounted pump and supply tank, the solution is always applied at low pressure.

  • Working from the bottom of the wall to the very top, the chemical is applied in a pattern that maximises the coverage and penetration in to the render substrate.

  • The chemical application is repeated until the walls are free from red algae, moss and lichens. Between each coat we usually allow 30 mins for the chemical to take full effect.

  • Once the render walls are free from red staining and clean, they are rinsed down with a heavy but low pressure flow of water. This removes any remaining chemical and biological debris. This ensures an even, clean finish.

  • As professional cleaners we do our best to keep splashing of the chemical treatment to a minimum. It is inevitable that with softwashing the reveals and other areas, render cleaning chemical will find its way on to other surfaces, so in this stage we wash down all paving, window sills, lead flashing and your windows are treated to a pure water clean.

Why Your Render Walls Need Softwash Cleaning

Modern exterior colour through render finishes such as K-rend, monocouche and many others are today favoured by architects, developers and construction companies. These renders offer a sleek low maintenance and quick to apply finish that gives your Waterford home clean lines and surfaces. The use of colour through renders eliminates the need for painting and therefore should reduce the ongoing maintenance costs for home owners and building managers.

Due to modern building standards which require higher insulation values to be installed in all new builds combined with the increased use of render, we have inadvertently provided the perfect environment for algae, fungus and lichens to flourish. Instead of increasing the maintenance period of a building, we have in fact made it more necessary to clean and maintain the building more often. With the more efficient insulation installed, there is less heat transfer from the buildings interior through the walling to the exterior surface. This combined with the porosity of render, means that the building exterior surface can take longer to dry out, thus providing the perfect environment for molds, fungus and algae to grow.

Our render cleaning team uses specialist soft washing equipment, chemicals and softwash techniques to ensure that your Waterford home or building is restored in a safe, effective and professional manner.

Red staining on walls can leave a building looking unsightly and ill cared for. Our biocide and blackwash treatments work in tandem to ensure a long lasting deep clean. Once the biocide is applied to the surface being treated, it immediately starts to kill any biological contamination present. This will remove all green algae within a day and any red staining will begone with two weeks on average. Should you require a more instant clean, we use our blackwash solution followed by a light coating of biocide.

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