Hedge Cutting services in Dublin, Naas, Kildare & Laois

Mr Kerb Appeal provides Dublin hedge cutting and hedge trimming services throughout the year to all parts of the County as well as Naas and Kildare.

A well trimmed hedge can provide an alternative and attractive screen privacy windbreak and be a great habitat for nesting birds it also can provide a much softer alternative to fencing. Whether you have a box, privet, yew, laurel, beech or conifer hedge, I can help maintain a tidy looking and healthy hedge.

When can you trim my hedge?

Hedge cutting and trimming takes place throughout the year as required some shrubs hedging and trees require trimming to be done at certain times of the year to achieve the best results I can advise you on the best hedge cutting schedule for your garden.

Dublin hedge services

  • Hedge trimming to maintain shape & size

  • Hedge cutting & reduction

  • Pruning of small trees & shrubs

  • Hedge refurbishment & major reduction

  • Trimming of shrubs & topiary

My hedge is out of control can you reduce it?

Hedge cutting or reduction may be needed to reshape or reduce the size of an overgrown plant. Many types of hedging respond well to renovation, these include Beech, Box, Holly, Hawthorne, Hornbeam and others. Conifers however do not respond well to heavy reduction with the exception of Yew, most will not re-shoot from old wood. Conifer hedges are best trimmed on a regular basis to maintain shape, size and avoid to dead patches.