Lawn Mowing services in Dublin, Naas, Kildare & Laois

Mr kerb Appeal provides a regular weekly or fortnightly grass cutting and lawn maintenance service in Dublin, Naas & Kildare. A well maintained lawn will be healthy, vibrant and a great place to spend those long summer days in the sun. A great looking lawn can be the making of a garden. Be it square, round or river shaped it ties together all the other elements of a garden such as borders and beds.

The secret to a great lawn? a regular lawn mowing service

Although it may seem a bit obvious, having a regular grass cutting and lawn care service really is the only way to have a lawn that looks great all year round. Lawn mowing in Dublin usually starts around the end of February or early March depending on what the Irish weather is throwing at us. We can get warm spells around this time of year, this will trigger the grass into growing and if the ground is firm enough not to cause damage, I will begin my lawn maintenance program.

January or February are the perfect months to book a grass cutting service as this allows me to schedule your service in the diary. If you would like to know more about my year-long Dublin lawn care service please click the link to my lawn care calendar.

Benefits of Regular grass cutting

  • Mowing frequently reduces the shock to the grass plants

  • Your grass becomes finer, the sod thickens and becomes more dense. This helps prevent weed invasion

  • Maintains the lawn at the perfect height and reduces the need to remove too much of the leaf blade

  • Reducing the amount of leaf removal helps the plant with photosynthesis, a well fed plant will be stronger

  • A dense lawn shades the soil and helps lessen drying out during dry spells

As shown above, regular lawn mowing will help keep it in tip top condition, by stimulating growth and keeping invasive weeds at bay. Feeding along with moss and weed treatments will also have your lawn looking like a lush outdoor carpet all year round.

If you require a lawn mowing service in Dublin, Naas, or Kildare, why not get in touch today and let me add Kerb Appeal to your outdoor space.

It may not be centre court at Wimbledon but your lawn deserves some love!

Strim, Cut & Blow

35 from
  • Weekly/Fortnightly visit (seasonal)
  • Grass cut
  • Lawn edged
  • Grass clippings removed
  • *Pricing based on property size

Garden & Property Care Packages

Choose A Package To Best Suit Your Budget & Needs

Green Fingers

173 per month
  • 12 monthly service by Direct Debit
  • 2 hrs Garden Care (fortnightly visits)
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs Trimmed
  • 1 bag Green Waste

Garden Envy

320 per month
  • 12 monthly service by Direct Debit
  • 2 hrs Garden Care (weekly visits)
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs & Hedging Trimmed
  • Power washing (twice yearly)
  • 1 bag Green Waste

Green & Clean

590 per month
  • 12 monthly service by Direct Debit
  • 4 hrs Garden Care (weekly visits)
  • Windows cleaned ( 4 wk schedule)
  • Fascia, Soffit & Gutters (spring & Winter)
  • Power washing (as required)
  • Hard surface treatments (DDAC Biocide)
  • Lawn Treatments
  • Full Property Care

**No VAT to be added to pricing

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