Green or striped, keep your lawn looking great all year round

A healthy vibrant lawn can be the making of a garden. Be it square, round or river shaped it ties together all the other elements of a garden such as borders and beds.

Mr kerb Appeal provides a regular weekly or fortnightly grass cutting and maintenance service. A well maintained lawn will be healthy, vibrant and a great place to spend those long summer days in the sun.

Regular lawn mowing will help keep it in tip top condition, by stimulating growth and keeping invasive weeds at bay. Feeding along with moss and weed treatments will also have your lawn looking like a lush outdoor carpet all year round.

If you require a lawn mowing service in Dublin, Naas, Kildare or Portlaoise why not get in touch today and let me add Kerb Appeal to your outdoor space.

It may not be centre court at Wimbledon but your lawn deserves some love

Keep your grass fit and healthy with a regular mowing and maintenance program