Wildlife Garden Creation

Bringing nature, health & happiness together

Modern science shows us that people are healthier and happier when connected to nature. With all these benefits, why not add a wildlife garden to your urban Dublin patch.

It could be a small patch down the bottom of the garden, a wildlife pond, letting your lawn run wild or why not think big and turn the whole garden into a much needed habitat for wildlife whilst creating a sanctuary for yourself.

An urban wildlife garden doesn’t have to be unattractive, on the contrary, most wild habitats are some of the most beautiful and relaxing places to spend sometime to unwind.

Imagine yourself on a warm summers day surrounded by birds, bees, butterflies and much more…..aahhhh!

Serving Dublin, Naas and Kildare, my aim is to improve the environment as well as your well-being and mental health.

Need A One Time Garden Service?

Have you moved in to a new home and the garden could do with some tlc? or maybe you have just fallen behind with your garden maintenance?

I understand that some times you prefer to look after the garden yourself and do not require a regular garden maintenance service. But occasionally you need the help of a gardening professional. My garden clean-up packages are a perfect fit and will help you get your lawn, beds and bushes back in to shape and looking great.

The “Garden Tidy” package is perfect if you just require a little tidy here and there. Garden beds can be weeded, shrubs trimmed and the lawn edged.

Need a bit more of a clear out, then the “Garden Blitz” package is the one for you. You’ll be amazed how much can be achieved with a full day onsite. Perfect for getting an unruly garden back under control so you can continue with the maintenance yourself.

Garden Tidy

  • 4hrs onsite
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs Trimmed
  • 2 bags Green Waste

Garden Blitz

  • 7hrs onsite
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs & Hedging Trimmed
  • 6 bags Green Waste

Bee Amongst Nature, Why Not Get In Touch

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