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Friendly gardeners Lucan, will make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood. Free up your time to focus on the things you love to do by booking a regular garden service.

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The expert gardeners at Mr Kerb Appeal have been providing professional gardening services across Lucan since 2015. Covering all aspects of garden maintenance from lawn care, hedge trimming, weeding, planting and much more.

We operate 12 months of the year and have a range of garden care packages to suit your needs and budget. We offer scheduled weekly, fortnightly or monthly garden care and lawn mowing services.

Reasons To Use Mr Kerb Appeal

  • 15 Years Gardening Experience

  • Uniformed Gardeners

  • Professional Equipment Used

  • Fully Insured & Trained

  • Flexible Scheduling & Appointments

  • Easy Payment Solutions

  • Flexible Service Packages

  • We Bring Our Own Kettle!

Lucan Garden Care Services

  • Lawn mowing & Lawn care (fortnightly mowing)

  • Moss control on hard surfaces (drives, paths etc.)
  • Hedge trimming, shaping & maintenance
  • Scarification & aeration of lawns
  • Small tree pruning & removal
  • Weeding of garden beds
  • Planting of Spring, Summer & Winter bedding arrangements
  • Improvement of garden beds & soil
  • Vegetable gardening (construction of beds & advice)

Our Garden Care Packages

Make you Lucan garden a delight

Green Fingers

87 per visit
  • Pay with Card, Cash or by Direct Debit
  • 2 hrs Garden Care (fortnightly visits)
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs Trimmed
  • 1 bag Green Waste

Garden Envy

80 per visit
  • Pay with Card, Cash or by Direct Debit
  • 2 hrs Garden Care (weekly visits)
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs & Hedging Trimmed
  • Power washing (twice yearly)
  • 1 bag Green Waste

**No VAT to be added to pricing

Need A One Time Lucan Garden Service?

Moved in to a new home and your Lucan garden could do with some tlc? Or maybe the garden has just been neglected a wee bit over the last year?

I understand that some times you do not require gardeners offering a regular garden maintenance service. You just need help tackling those unwanted tasks such as getting the lawn, beds and bushes back in to shape.

I like to try and keep things a simple as possible, it helps to be able to see what things might cost before you call me. With that in mind I have created some great one-off garden tidy packages. All can be adjusted and made bespoke to your home and garden.

My “Garden Blitz” & “Garden Tidy” packages are the ones for you. You’ll be astounded with the results that can be achieved by spending either a full day or just three hours working on your garden. 

Garden Tidy

  • 4hrs onsite
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs Trimmed
  • 2 bags Green Waste

Garden Blitz

  • 7hrs onsite
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs & Hedging Trimmed
  • 6 bags Green Waste

Why Hire Professional Gardeners

Having professional gardeners visit on a regular maintenance schedule is a great way to keep your garden looking great all year round.

Each time our gardeners visit your property, they will assess what services are required on that particular day. It would be usual for lawn mowing to take place on most visits. The more regular the grass is cut the better it will look and the stronger it will be. (Read here for our lawn tips)

Pruning and shrub trimming will happen throughout the season. This ensures the plants remain healthy and look in the best condition possible. We can also spot and treat any diseases at the same time.

Weeding and hoeing is a service that would happen on most visits. Removing the weeds and raking over the soil or mulch in the beds can often have the greatest impact on the look of a garden. Weed suppression also prevents your plants from having to compete for vital water and nutrients in the soil.

Here are a few more jobs that our gardeners will undertake during a regular garden maintenance visit, or you could do them whilst pottering about and enjoying your lovely well maintained garden in the sunshine.

6 Jobs to keep your garden looking great

  • Top Dress Your Pots – Gently remove around 5 cm (2 inches) of compost or soil from the top of well established plants in pots. Doing this will help remove any weeds, moss or dead leaves that are present. Replace this with some fresh compost or decorative bark mulch, this will instantly give your pots a fresh new look. Water well if needed and enjoy.
  • Crisp is Best – Tidying up your lawn edges can have instant impact on your garden. Crisp clean edges not only look great, they bring on a sense of calm. If the edges are already established, you can use either lawn edging shears or a grass trimmer to remove the Hairy bits and defined the edge. If you want to change the shape of the edge, use either a straight edge for a crisp line or a garden hose if a more curvy shape is desired. Then go along with a half moon edger to create your edge.
  • Instant Colour – You may have newly planted garden beds or pots and things can look a bit thin until they establish. You can achieve instant results by adding seasonal bedding to your pots and beds. Try Bellis, Violas and Primrose for winter/spring bedding and Petunia, Begonias, Busy Lizzie and Lobelia to name but a few for your summer displays.
  • Water is Life – A good old splash of H2O is vital in keeping your pots and beds looking great throughout the year. Plants in pots will need watering more often than ones that are in a well mulched garden bed. Seedlings and young plants will also need water more often.
    In warm weather it is usually best to water your plants in the evening. This avoids evaporation and the plants have more time to take in the water before the sun rises again. In colder weather you could try watering in the morning, this gives the plant time to dry out before the cold evening temperatures bite.
  • Off With Their Heads – Plants produce flowers with the sole aim of turning them into seed. By deadheading regularly, you not only remove the unsightly heads but this also encourages many plants to produce new flowers as they have failed to produce seed. This little trick greatly increases the length of the flowering season in your garden.
  • Food for the Soul – In order for plants to look great, plants not only need water and sunlight, they also require food. A good plant food should provide a range of the following. Nitrogen (N) for leafy growth, Phosphorus (P) for strong root development and Potassium for healthy flower production. You can use either a liquid feed, slow-release fertilisers, manure or compost. Choosing between organic or non-organic is very much a personal choice. Follow the feeding advice for your specific plants.

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