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Say Goodbye to Dirt and Grime with My Pressure Washing Service!

Are you tired of looking at dirty, stained, and faded surfaces around your home or business? My professional Leixlip power washing service will transform the appearance of your property in just a few hours!

power washing top of brick boundary wall

The team at Mr Kerb Appeal have 15 years exterior cleaning experience in the Leixlip area. We are experts in making your driveway, patios, paths and decking sparkle.

We use professional machinery, chemicals and van mounted supply systems to ensure that your cobble block driveway, sandstone patio and wooden or composite decking not only look great but are also safe for you to use all year round.

Maintaining your hard standing garden areas is important for a number of reasons. Firstly it prevents your patio or decking becoming slippy with algae or moss. This is especially true during the winter months when these can grow very quickly due to our wet and warm climate. Protect yourself from trips and falls by cleaning the paving regularly. Secondly, regular power washing or chemical treatment reduces the damage cause by moss, algae and frost. A patio that is heavily infested with moss may suffer mortar joint breakage due to the moss freezing and expanding during the winter months, cleaning prevents this and extends the life of you outdoor areas.

Reasons To Use Mr Kerb Appeal

  • 15 Years Exterior Cleaning Experience
  • Uniformed Operatives
  • Professional Equipment Used

  • Fully Insured & Trained

  • Flexible Scheduling & Appointments

  • Easy Payment Solutions

  • Flexible Service Packages

  • We Bring Our Own Kettle!

Leixlip Power Washing Services

  • Cobble Block Paving & Driveways
  • Moss control on hard surfaces (drives, paths etc.)
  • Indian Sandstone Paving & Patios
  • Granite Paving & Sets
  • Tarmac Driveways
  • Wooden Decking
  • Walls & Capping Stones
  • uPVC & Metal Cladding

Our Power Washing Services

Make your Leixlip paving sparkle

Power Washing

180 from
  • Indian Sandstone
  • Blue Limestone
  • Concrete, Brick etc.
  • Decking
  • Garden Walls
  • Driveways

**No VAT to be added to pricing

Really Make Your Leixlip Home Sparkle!

Have you just moved in to a new Leixlip home and the outside of your house is looking a bit lack luster? Or maybe the house has just been neglected a wee bit over the last year and the exterior is green and grimy?

We like to try and keep things a simple as possible, it helps to be able to see what things might cost before you call. With that in mind we have created some great all-in-one power washing cleaning packages. All can be adjusted and made bespoke to your home and garden.

Our “Extreme Clean” & “Full Monty” packages are great for just getting thing done, your homes exterior will never have been so clean! You’ll be astounded with the results that can be achieved, your home will sparkle.

With both packages the gutters will be vacuumed free of moss and leaves. Your uPVC fascia and soffits will be brushed clean using specialist cleaning poles. Power washing the driveway and patio will give them new life. And the “Full Monty” package adds an exterior render sofwash clean. Over time modern render can become a red colour as trentapholia algae grows on its surface. Our softwash method will kill the algae and restore the walls.

Extreme Clean

  • Gutters Cleaned
  • Patio & Driveway Power Washed
  • Fascia & Soffits Cleaned
  • Windows Cleaned with Pure Water
  • Window Sills Cleaned

Full Monty Sparkle

  • *Full Exterior Render Clean*
  • Patio & Driveway Power Washed
  • Fascia & Soffits Cleaned
  • Windows Cleaned with Pure Water
  • Window Sills Cleaned
  • Gutters Cleaned

Why Your Driveway Needs Power Washing

Here is a quick look at how and why you might need a power washing service on one of the areas around your home and garden.

Maintaining your driveway is not always a top priority on a home owners list. Do remember that this is one of the first things that a visitor to your home will see and you yourself will use it everyday as you return home.

Over the course of a year through our spring, summer and especially autumn and winter weather, your driveway takes a bit of a beating.

Constant traffic over its surface grinds in tyre marks and dirt. Algae, moss and weeds build-up in the porous surface and joints. Not only do these growths look very unsightly, but intrusion of weeds can cause the joints between the blocks to move and this will lead to deterioration of the driveways overall condition.

Having your driveway power washed on a yearly basis will help prevent this and protect your investment.

We have laid out 7 steps showing how easy it is for us to maintain your driveway and give your a home maximum Kerb Appeal.

7 Steps to a Cleaner Driveway!

  • This involves removing any objects you have on your driveway such as plant pots and wheelie bins, we want to make sure that we clean all of the drive. We now use a backpack blower to clear the driveway of leaves and other debris.
  • We now assess the driveway for heavy deposits of moss and lichens. If we feel it will help the driveway cleaning process, well apply our pre-wash chemical to help lift the staining. This step is not always required and we may skip to the next stage.
  • Using a power washer lance and turbo nozzle combination we now clean a 6 inch border around the driveway. This allows us to clean all the tight spaces on the drive and the edging stones.
  • Using our flat surface rotary head cleaner we now clean the rest of the driveway. The flat surface cleaner allows for less fatigue on the operator whilst keeping the splashing and mess to a minimum.
  • The driveway is now free from moss, algae and dirt. Depending on the length of time since the last clean, there might be black algae spots that have gotten deep into the porous cobble block surface. We treat the whole driveway with our post wash chemical treatment to ensure removal of these spots and make the whole driveway Zing!
  • As professional cleaners we do our best to keep down the splashing and mess to a minimum. It is inevitable that with power washing things will get dirty, so in this stage we wash down all walls and fencing and your downstairs windows are treated to a pure water clean.
  • On dry summer days we might be able to complete this step on the day of the clean. But more often than not we would normally return within a couple of days to re-sand the driveway. It is important for the driveway to be dry as this allows the sand to properly fill all of the joints and prevent clumping. We fill all the joints of the driveway with either kiln-dried sand or gravel depending on your driveway type. The sanding not only makes your driveway look better and finished, it more importantly maintains the integrity and stability of your drive, so this stage is essential!

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