As the name implies, Soft Washing is a gentle way to clean contaminated exterior surfaces. It is not a replacement for pressure washing, more a complimentary technique that is used as per the requirements of the surface and often in tandem with light pressure washing.

All of our equipment and chemicals are professional grade and designed for our softwash render cleaning service.

Our equipment consists of Low Pressure, chemical resistant pumps that are driven by small and economical petrol engines. The pumps apply the chemical solution up to a maximum of 15 Bar (217 psi) of pressure, with the average mains water pressure in Ireland ranging between 1 – 5 bar you can see that our equipment is pretty gentle.

The softwash solution is applied to the render through a water fed poles system with either a brush attachment or a spray nozzle on the end, depending on the best application method for the surroundings, weather conditions and the building being cleaned. We tend to favour the brush method as it reduces wind drift of the solution.

A pressure washer is used at low pressure to give us an effective high flow rinse of 15 litres per minute. This gives a really good flush clean of all surfaces and clears all the chemical and loose detritus in the process.