When you are searching around for a reliable Dublin garden maintenance service one of your first questions is often, what is the cost of garden maintenance in Ireland?

At Mr Kerb Appeal I always try to be as transparent as possible so here is a quick breakdown of my costs.

Lawn mowing starts from €25 depending on the size of lawn, regular fortnightly garden maintenance costs €60 per two hour visit, half a days gardening costs €130 and a full days garden care services costs €245. I also have my new Grass ‘n Glass service for 2020 and that price starts at €32.

Now you have the pricing, let’s have a look at these services in more detail.

Grass cutting & lawn care (fortnightly) from €25

One of the most important aspects of garden maintenance during the spring, summer and autumn is lawn maintenance.

A regular fortnightly mowing schedule will have your lawn not only looking great but will keep it strong and healthy.

Regular grass cutting reduces the stress shock on the plants, helps to thicken the grass and the sword becomes more lush a dense. A healthy lawn is more resistant to weeds and dry spells.

Grass cutting and lawn care is undertaken from March to November.

Fortnightly Garden Maintenance – €60 2 hour visit

We all like to keep our garden looking great all summer, a regular garden maintenance visit will help keep on top of things.

During each to our visit I will assess what the garden requires, in most normal visits the front and rear lawns will be mowed, garden beds weeded and any shrubs that need a cut will be trimmed and shaped.

A regular maintenance schedule allows me to make sure that your Dublin garden always looks it’s best.

Half & Full day Gardening – €130 to €245

My half and full day tidy up visits are perfect for getting your garden back into shape after a long Winter. Maybe you have a party or a communion coming up and want your outdoor space to be perfect for your guests.

I will cut and edge the lawn, prune herbaceous plants, trim and shape shrubs, weed garden beds, trim hedging and even power wash the patio if required.

At the end of the service you will have a garden fit for the occasion, this service is also great for getting the garden shipshape ready for a fortnightly maintenance program.

I hope that has answered your question, what is the cost of garden maintenance in Ireland? Of course these are my costs and other garden maintenance services in Dublin may have other pricing structures and charge differently.

If you would like to avail of any of my maintenance services or would like to find out more details, please visit the garden maintenance page.

I’m just around the corner and your homes Kerb Appeal is just one call away!