When you are searching around for a reliable Dublin garden maintenance service one of your first questions is often, what is the cost of garden maintenance in Dublin?

At Mr Kerb Appeal I always try to be as transparent as possible so here is a quick breakdown of my costs.

Fortnightly garden maintenance starts from €87 per visit, weekly garden care visits start from €80 per visit and a monthly scheduled visit costs €170 for 4 hours on site. If you just need help in the garden once or twice a year my half and full day packages are perfect for you. The Garden Tidy package (4hrs) is €180 and a full days Garden Blitz package (7hrs) is €300.

Now that you have the clear pricing for my range of garden maintenance services, let’s have a look at these packages in more detail.

Green Fingers

87 per visit
  • Pay with Card, Cash or by Direct Debit
  • 2 hrs Garden Care (fortnightly visits)
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs Trimmed
  • 1 bag Green Waste

Garden Envy

80 per visit
  • Pay with Card, Cash or by Direct Debit
  • 2 hrs Garden Care (weekly visits)
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs & Hedging Trimmed
  • Power washing (twice yearly)
  • 1 bag Green Waste

Green Fingers fortnightly garden care – from €87 per visit

My entry level garden maintenance package is perfect for keeping your flower beds weed free and the lawn tight and tidy.

Even if you like to do certain jobs around the garden yourself, this service means you can leave the other jobs to me whilst you relax. This service includes lawn mowing, edging, weeding and keeping shrubs tidy and trimmed.

During each visit I will assess which area of the garden requires my attention unless you have specified a particular garden job you would like done.

Garden Envy weekly garden maintenance – from €80 per visit

This weekly garden care package that runs 12 months of the year is perfect if you want to be more hands off with the maintenance of your Dublin garden. The weekly 2 hours visits will keep your garden looking perfect all year round; and yes the neighbours will be green with envy.

Covering all aspects of garden care and maintenance with services such as scarification, lawn treatments, power washing, hedge cutting, topiary, planting, mulching, soil improvement and much more; your garden will be clean, vibrant and healthy; truly talk of the street.

Green & Clean weekly garden & property maintenance – from €148 per visit

My premium package is designed for embassies, businesses and elite residences. Maintaining Dublin properties to the highest standard is the goal of this service.

The package covers all aspects of garden maintenance from lawn mowing, lawn treatments, weeding to shrub and border maintenance.

Along with the garden care, the exterior of the property is also maintained. Exterior cleaning services such as, window cleaning, power washing, uPVC cleaning and hard surface control using softwash treatments.

This really is the ultimate Dublin garden and property care service.

Half & Full day garden maintenance – from €180 per visit

My half and full day tidy up visits are perfect for getting your garden back into shape. Maybe you have a party or a communion coming up and want your outdoor space to be perfect for your guests or maybe you just need a garden clean up once or twice a year.

With this service I can either find you the garden that is hidden under a mountain of weeds ( there might be a shed in there somewhere) or just do the cutting back of hedges and shrubs, and the weeding you just haven’t had time to do.

At the end of the service you will have a garden fit for the occasion, this service is also great for getting the garden shipshape ready for a fortnightly maintenance program.

Garden Tidy

  • 4hrs onsite
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs Trimmed
  • 2 bags Green Waste

Garden Blitz

  • 7hrs onsite
  • Grass cut
  • Garden beds tidied
  • Shrubs & Hedging Trimmed
  • 6 bags Green Waste

I hope that has answered your question, what is the cost of garden maintenance in Dublin? Of course these are my costs and other garden maintenance services in Dublin may have other pricing structures and charge differently.

If you would like to avail of any of my maintenance services or would like to find out more details, please visit the garden maintenance page.

Below I have listed a few frequently asked questions and a bit more information as to why you might want to book a garden service with me.

FAQs Coverage & Pricing

Yes, we cover most areas of south Dublin for garden maintenance.

We cover most of the north side of Dublin for garden care services.

Payment can be made by card using the SumUp terminal, BACS transfer or cash.

Green waste removal and disposal is included within the pricing of all the garden maintenance packages. The waste is taken to a licensed recycling centre to be turned in to compost.

All of the garden care packages are flexible. If for some reason on the day of the services your garden requires a few extra hours, we will discuss this with you and any additional hours will be charged at a pro rata rate.

If time allows these hours can be completed on the same day as the booked visit or booked for another date that suits your schedule.

Why Hire Professional Gardeners

Having professional gardeners visit on a regular maintenance schedule is a great way to keep your garden looking great all year round.

Each time our gardeners visit your property, they will assess what services are required on that particular day. It would be usual for lawn mowing to take place on most visits. The more regular the grass is cut the better it will look and the stronger it will be. (Read here for our lawn tips)

Pruning and shrub trimming will happen throughout the season. This ensures the plants remain healthy and look in the best condition possible. We can also spot and treat any diseases at the same time.

Weeding and hoeing is a service that would happen on most visits. Removing the weeds and raking over the soil or mulch in the beds can often have the greatest impact on the look of a garden. Weed suppression also prevents your plants from having to compete for vital water and nutrients in the soil.

Here are a few more jobs that our gardeners will undertake during a regular garden maintenance visit, or you could do them whilst pottering about and enjoying your lovely well maintained garden in the sunshine.

6 Jobs to keep your garden looking great

  • Top Dress Your Pots – Gently remove around 5 cm (2 inches) of compost or soil from the top of well established plants in pots. Doing this will help remove any weeds, moss or dead leaves that are present. Replace this with some fresh compost or decorative bark mulch, this will instantly give your pots a fresh new look. Water well if needed and enjoy.

  • Crisp is Best – Tidying up your lawn edges can have instant impact on your garden. Crisp clean edges not only look great, they bring on a sense of calm. If the edges are already established, you can use either lawn edging shears or a grass trimmer to remove the Hairy bits and defined the edge. If you want to change the shape of the edge, use either a straight edge for a crisp line or a garden hose if a more curvy shape is desired. Then go along with a half moon edger to create your edge.

  • Instant Colour – You may have newly planted garden beds or pots and things can look a bit thin until they establish. You can achieve instant results by adding seasonal bedding to your pots and beds. Try Bellis, Violas and Primrose for winter/spring bedding and Petunia, Begonias, Busy Lizzie and Lobelia to name but a few for your summer displays.

  • Water is Life – A good old splash of H2O is vital in keeping your pots and beds looking great throughout the year. Plants in pots will need watering more often than ones that are in a well mulched garden bed. Seedlings and young plants will also need water more often.
    In warm weather it is usually best to water your plants in the evening. This avoids evaporation and the plants have more time to take in the water before the sun rises again. In colder weather you could try watering in the morning, this gives the plant time to dry out before the cold evening temperatures bite.

  • Off With Their Heads – Plants produce flowers with the sole aim of turning them into seed. By deadheading regularly, you not only remove the unsightly heads but this also encourages many plants to produce new flowers as they have failed to produce seed. This little trick greatly increases the length of the flowering season in your garden.

  • Food for the Soul – In order for plants to look great, plants not only need water and sunlight, they also require food. A good plant food should provide a range of the following. Nitrogen (N) for leafy growth, Phosphorus (P) for strong root development and Potassium for healthy flower production. You can use either a liquid feed, slow-release fertilisers, manure or compost. Choosing between organic or non-organic is very much a personal choice. Follow the feeding advice for your specific plants.