Modern exterior colour through render finishes such as K-rend, monocouche and many others are today favoured by architects, developers and construction companies. These renders offer a sleek low maintenance and quick to apply finish that gives the building clean lines and surfaces. The use of colour through renders eliminates the need for painting and therefore should reduce the ongoing maintenance costs for building managers.

Due to modern building standards which require higher insulation values to be installed in all new builds combined with the increased use of render, we have inadvertently provided the perfect environment for algae, fungus and lichens to flourish. Instead of increasing the maintenance period of a building, we have in fact made it more necessary to clean and maintain the building more often. With the more efficient insulation installed, there is less heat transfer from the buildings interior through the walling to the exterior surface. This combined with the porosity of render, means that the building exterior surface can take longer to dry out, thus providing the perfect environment for molds, fungus and algae to grow.

Our render cleaning team uses specialist soft washing equipment, chemicals and softwash techniques to ensure that your home or building is restored in a safe, effective and professional manner.
Red staining on walls can leave a building looking unsightly and ill cared for. Our biocide and blackwash treatments work in tandem to ensure a long lasting deep clean. Once the biocide is applied to the surface being treated, it immediately starts to kill any biological contamination present. This will remove all green algae within a day and any red staining will begone with two weeks on average. Should you require a more instant clean, we use our blackwash solution followed by a light coating of biocide.