Render cleaning on a regular schedule would certainly be of benefit to your home or property and help keep it in prime condition for many years. Even new builds should have planned maintenance.

Rendered walls  like any other outdoor surface are exposed to all that our damp, cool climate has to throw at them. Days of constant rain with no real drying effect can certainly take its toll

Surfaces that are contaminated with algae and lichens take longer to dry out, this allows the biological organisms to flourish and spread over the surface. This holding of water can leave many substrates susceptible to frost damage. We would recommend that most rendered surfaces are treated on an 18 – 24 months cycle as spores will have taken root since the initial clean. Even new builds would benefit from a maintenance treatment within the first 2 – 3 years, this helps prevent any colonisation and avoids the need for a more costly deep clean or the eventual need to paint.

A render deep clean or a maintenance treatment for your new build home will restore or maintain your homes Kerb Appeal.